An unpretentious game, with simple but juicy graphics, will not be left without attention of players who love originality in everything. This is the new Moo moo io, offering to build a farm and take care of its prosperity. It is important to defend your territory, which at any time can attack real enemies.

In the beginning, the landowner receives a pickax with which the hero will extract supplies for himself. This food, wood, stone, that is, everything you need at the first stages of construction. Strong barriers and windmills will allow you to get extra points that you can spend on pumping the character. There are several options for upgrading, depending on the tactics chosen by the user. You can independently extract resources and be a peaceful landowner, who protects his possessions. There is an opportunity to become a marauder, attacking other participants of the process for profit.

Sometimes gamers are faced with difficulties, because their opponent is stronger or the construction of farmland takes a longer time. To overcome troubles, you can download cheats and enjoy an easier passage. Regardless of the choice, the game promises a lot of pleasant surprises.