Crowds of evil spirits are in full combat readiness and are waiting only for the indication of their main monster, and if you do not stop them, they will seize your gold mine. But they are unlikely to be able to overcome the first defensive line, you will have time to create a second defensive line to stop the zombie invasion. And if you invite a friend into the game, or you will get to know already in the game with one of the same as you brave warriors, then the attack will be stopped, and the enemy’s troops are completely destroyed and do not forget about the leaders, strong and terrible creatures with which to cope will not be so easy.

How to play?
As you already understood, the main task is to stand in the battle and win, so first of all register your nickname and specify the password, after which it will be possible to start the battle. In order to start erecting defensive structures, you need to get hold of the resources with which you can build any tower or wall that can detain an enemy while you develop your state. The cheapest resources are stone and wood, but until now they will have to be extracted with manual labor, that is, with a shovel and a pickaxe. As soon as the first tons of resources are extracted, start building. By the way, create immediately the first mine that mines gold, and already around it build dots, dig trenches, and of course improve the characteristics of not only your mine, but walls and towers.