Zombs Royale io – a new multiplayer game that will conquer you for a long time! First you jump off the parachute. Choose the right time to jump out of the plane, better next to the buildings – where you can hide. You can maneuver on a parachute. After landing, immediately look for a place to protect. Try to enter the buildings, but there may already be other players. Open the boxes in which the new weapon is located. Also there you can find bottles with liquid and first-aid kits. Take them, they will help restore your health and gain strength. The winner in the game is the one who will remain the last survivor. Good luck!

WASD – move

Left mouse button – shoot

E – pick up the item

21 Responses

  1. angelohalo says:


  2. guest says:

    nope it didnt work its still blocked

  3. Kevin Durant says:

    It’s not block for me

  4. Ethan says:

    You need to try to think of a way for us to log in

  5. unknown says:

    It lags me out of the game. don’t play it. There is this glitch were you run forever into the storm and take no damage but on other peoples screens your just standing there. This happened to me in the top 2. It is terrible

  6. Eymar says:

    bob on war here

  7. thomas says:

    can u help unblock the sign in page

  8. nagaio says:

    can i get a flashless?

  9. ivan says:

    hola mola mucho el zoms royale pero lo voy a hakear . Es broma poma

  10. Roger says:

    algum br

  11. m says:

    who want squads?

  12. ninja blevens says:

    Bruh this game is awesom

  13. izaiah says:

    mine just joins four ever and Duse not let me play

  14. Nathaniel says:

    I like this game$$$$$$$$$$$

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